recently spoke to Paul Rusling about the origins of Laser558, the ownership, 
the name, and more never before released 'details': that this is all history and so much time has
passed...can you once and for all reveal who actually was the original
developer/owner/operator of LASER558 (in the spring of 84' when the station
launched...I know there were "several" that claim to own the station during
(its brief history!) eg..the acutal people behind the station? I"m not sure
this was ever completely revealed over the years!!!

Paul: There was only one guy put up the money to buy, equip and run the 
ship. I  have never confirmed his name but he is well known in 
Dublin.  He took a back seat role and left things to Roy Lindau, who 
appointed john catlett as Station Manager.  Marine Operations were 
handled by a Kent based ship owner. After the ship was seized for non 
payment of debts, Cord Cabo Ltd of 
Panama owned the ship and station, and many claimed to run it. 
problem was, no one really did! The company was bought by Freddie 
Bolland and his pals and later taken to Portugal and abandoned. We have heard the
main backer was a gentleman that operated a hotel in Dublin. Not sure who
was behind the "EURAD SA" group who were subsequent owners of laser in

Paul: Eurad SA was a change name to an off the shelf company from a Miami 
law firm involving Glenn Kolk, an attorney who got ninvolved quite a 
bit. There was only one 'beneficial owner' though.  I think you will 
find his business interests were a bit wider than 'a hotel'. Do you ever stay in touch with the old Laser folks like Charlie Wolf?

Paul: I speak to Charlie regularly and see him too. Roy and John we've read all about...including 
a rumor that morning man RIC HARRIS was the son of a neighbour of Roy Lindau's?

Paul: He is retired and i doubt anyone would give him a job these days., 
Ric is the son of his next door neighbour, thats true. ive been to 
both houses!  Thats how Rick got the job with Laser. We spoke via email
to charlie wolf recently and he said he'd met up with Catlett only a year or
so ago and that he was in the process of setting up a pop music station or
sat. tv station or something like that in India.

Paul: Am in touch with John quite often too and he is running Rupert 
Murdochs CHAIN of STAR FM stations out there. Has a personal valet 
and a driver too." Living the life of Riley" as we say in England. We've read in Keith Skues
book that the name LASER was specifically selected to promote something but
that "something" never seemed to materialize and that issue got lost in the
turmoil over the station's success. Is there any truth to that?

Paul: Half and half -  it was to promote the LASER cars. Ford launched a 
Ford escxort laser and a Ford Capri Laser and our role was to make 
'Laser'  a buzz word. i remember a meeting with the advertising head 
honchos and I mentioned that they were top car supplier to the 
British government and asked if they were worried about UK Government 
raction if their involvement became public; a guy from detroit said 
"hell no, we dont even give a shit what the US Government thinks, we 
are bigger than them!"  Thats when I first became really aware of 
multinational corporatism.  Interesting that another big supporter at 
that time were Philip morris, and they held opposite views, being 
wary of Government views. For that reason the commercials were held 
back and only sponsored programming done. I understand that the Ford 
deal collapsed too due to Lindau promoting 
various illegal activities, like tenders from the UK and hiring UK 
staff on the ship. We had always claimed we would be 100% legal with 
supplies from other countries and non EC nationals only hired for on 
board work.  they lost thne project millions by cutting corners and 
making enemies.

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